Baby Einstein- Chilly Mitt Teether

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When baby's teeth start coming in, cool, soothing textures can help calm those sensitive gums. The Baby Einstein™ Chilly Mitt Universal Teething Mitten comes with a set of two multi-textured, BPA-free teethers that you can pop in the refrigerator to chill so you always have one available. It also fits many teether styles. When you're ready to use, simply attach the chilled teether to the teething mitten so your infant can chew on the teething textures to help soothe sore gums instead of chewing on hands. This teether mitten keeps little hands snug with an adjustable strap, while keeping baby's hands warm from the refrigerated teethers. With the mitten's crinkle, high contrast patterned material, newborns and up can enjoy sensory stimulation while aiding in teething relief.