Amos Pewter- Ornament- Butterfly

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The brilliantly majestic butterfly emerges from its chrysalis ready to unfurl its delicate wings and flutter away in a celebration of life’s changes. To truly appreciate this extraordinary event, imagine what followed the colourful little caterpillar’s disappearance days earlier into the safety of its protective shell. Hanging from fine threads of silk under a small leaf or twig, it appeared to be dormant, resting and hidden away. But inside, a world of change was transpiring - its transformation into the magnificent winged butterfly. Now and then we all need to take a pause from life’s busyness, a chance to reflect, renew and reenergize, before reemerging with a refreshed sense of hope and a desire to reveal our beautiful colours to the world.

Trimmed with a burgundy ribbon, each ornament is ready for hanging on the Christmas tree or in a window. We can add a brief hand inscription to create a wonderful keepsake. It comes packaged in a burgundy gift envelope that is convenient for gift giving or mailing. Begin a collecting tradition that will be treasured by generations. 3.5"D Made in Canada